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Membership and Terms of Reference



Chief Secretary for Administration


Secretary for Labour and Welfare

Non-official Members

Mr Peter Au Yeung Wai-hong
Miss Bakar Fariha Salma Deiya
Miss Kelly Cheng Hui-kiu
Ms Janus Cheng
Mr Chow Wai-chung
Ms Kathy Chung Lai-kam, MH
Mr Dennis Ho Chi-kuen
Dr Patrick Ip
Dr Sanly Kam Shau-wan, MH
Mrs Priscilla Lui Tsang Sun-kai, BBS
Ms Shalini Mahtani
Mr Kenny Ng Kwan-lim
Ms Michelle Tam Chi-yun
Dr Sandra Tsang Kit-man, JP
Mr Gary Wong Chi-him, JP
Dr Lilian Wong Hiu-lei
Ms Kathy Wong Kin-ho
Dr Wong Kwai-yau, MH

Ex-officio Members

Secretary for Education
Secretary for Health
Secretary for Home and Youth Affairs
Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs
Director of Social Welfare
Director of Health
Director of Home Affairs
Chairperson of Family Council
Chairperson of Women's Commission


Principal Assistant Secretary for Labour and Welfare (Commission on Children)

Terms of Reference

With a vision of ensuring that Hong Kong is a place where all children's rights, interests and well-being are respected and safeguarded, their voices are heard, and where all children enjoy healthy and happy growth and optimal development so as to achieve their fullest potentials, the Commission on Children will –

  1. Develop policies, set strategies and priorities related to the development and advancement of children, and oversee their implementation;
  2. Enhance and monitor integration and rationalisation of children-related policies and initiatives under different bureaux/departments and with advisory bodies;
  3. Review children-related services by the Government and non-governmental organisations, foster cross-sector collaboration, and identify areas for better integration and improvement;
  4. Promote and promulgate children's rights as articulated in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, and engage with children on matters that affect them;
  5. Manage funding schemes for promotional and public educational projects which should have children's and stakeholders' participation, and organise other promotional activities; and
  6. Develop a framework with indicators to monitor and evaluate the extent to which the vision is achieved.