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"Caring for Our Kids" Campaign

"Caring for Our Kids" Campaign

(A) Objective

The "Caring for our Kids" Campaign is a territory-wide publicity campaign organised by the Commission on Children. Through tripartite collaboration among the community, business sector and the Government, it aims to increase the awareness and understanding of the community of children's interest. It serves as central platform to pool all related activities organised across sectors to achieve synergy of promoting the message of care for our kids.

(B) Activities

Different sectors in the community can contribute to the "Caring for Our Kids" Campaign by organising various activities in line with the theme of the Campaign. An organiser can be a business association, youth group, district organisation, religious group, non-governmental organisation, charitable body, voluntary organisation or private company. In considering whether an activity could be included in the "Caring for Our Kids" Campaign, the following factors will be taken into account –

  • The activity is carried out in Hong Kong;
  • The activity is in line with the "Caring for Our Kids" Campaign objective;
  • The activity is non-profit-making in nature;
  • The organisation submitting their plans for inclusion in the "Caring for Our Kids" Campaign must be the organiser of the activity concerned; and
  • The whole or any part of the activity is held before the end of March 2021.

(C) Target Beneficiaries

The major beneficiaries of the activities must be Hong Kong residents and children aged below 18 and their families.

(D) Contact

If any organisation would like to join the "Caring for Our Kids" Campaign, please contact us (Telephone: 3655 4716 or Email: